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CS15 Spring Mtn Winery
This is the Spring Mountain Winery in St Helena California comprising 850 acres of hillside vinyards. The winery residence was pictured in the tv series "Falconcrest". The design is 9x10 on 14 ct Aida cloth and is 136 sqs wide x 112 sqs high.
Price: $4.25

CS15 Spring Mtn Winery Kit
This is the kit for CS 15 Spring Mtn Winery. It contains 14ct Aida cloth, all DMC yarn, the chart-pak and needle. Finished design is approx 9x10.
Price: $18.50

CS160 Beringer Winery
The oldest continuously operating winery in the Napa Valley. It is 188 sqs wide x 127 sqs high and is 16x13" stitched on Aida 14 ct.
Price: $5.95

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